3 Ways Successful Leaders Think Differently

Photo Credit: Flickr/Anthony Jauneaud

The way you think as a leader in your organization is one of your most valuable assets. Your mindset affects what you believe and that will dictate what actions you take. Your thoughts will either help or hurt your growth—successful leaders understand this better than most.

Learning how to have a strong mindset is a lifelong process, but today, we have access to books, blogs, podcasts, and videos that can help. Successful leaders make learning and understanding themselves a priority in their life and leadership.

Here are three important principles they understand:

They realize excuses don’t lead to results.

Excuses are one of the biggest enemies of making progress. Successful leaders understand how detrimental they can be and recognize them when they start to creep up. They do their best to control problems and issues head-on.

When things don’t go as planned, it feels easier to avoid dealing with the issue—especially if it’s our fault. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of leadership and excuses will kill your reputation. Don’t let excuses have any part of your growth.

They view failure as a valuable life experience.

Failure is a natural part of life and business. Successful leaders understand that failure teaches you invaluable life lessons. They decide to learn instead of giving up. They view failure as a sign that they’re continuing to grow.

If you are not experiencing failure in your leadership journey, you probably aren’t taking enough action. If you hit every goal you set without much resistance, you probably aren’t setting big enough goals.

Some of your goals should be so big that they feel impossible to hit. Use those “impossible” goals as your motivation to never get complacent.

They value their time above all else.

Successful leaders value time above money because they realize time is the one thing you can’t get back or make more of.

They maximize their time by saying NO to things that don’t benefit their goals and the work they’re putting in. They realize time is precious and do what they can to avoid wasting it.

Your time is your most valuable commodity and it should be treated accordingly. In business, this means saying NO to meetings that don’t make sense. It means that all the bright shiny objects don’t sidetrack you. It means you focus on what will help your next steps.

You are part of building your organization—it starts with your thoughts. Feed your mind daily with content that inspires and motivates you to the best version of yourself. Stay away from toxic people or situations that will fill your mind with doubt and fear.

Embrace what makes you unique and study what your employees best respond to. There’s nothing wrong with modeling success, but modeling isn’t copying. Don’t follow conventional wisdom—think differently.

Don’t give into excuses, learn from your failure, and realize how precious time is. Create success as a leader.

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