Our network of Partners help us deliver even more comprehensive services for your organization.

The Spark4 team - as you might expect from a leadership development and team building company - is a collective of dynamic leaders, experts, and outdoor educators with decades of experience working with executives and corporate teams.

We're proudly based in Denver, Colorado, where the environment is perfect for experiential learning and adventure programming that may start in the classroom but ventures far beyond.

SECTOR "Safety-Education-Compliance-Training-Operations-Resources" started in 2014 as a consulting group, focusing on education for the workforce. Today, SECTOR develops educational programs, consults businesses, facilitates workforce education, bridges the gap between cultural and generational diversities, provides tools for managing credentials and furnishes resources for a continued path of success. SECTOR facilitates education via live classrooms, webinars and online, which includes Certifications and pre-test preparations throughout the nation in many industries.

Moms in Momentum is an organization offering women and their families support services, learning programs, and tailored events to better family life within the community. Building relationships with a multitude of families for several years resulted in Manners In Momentum, A Leadership Skills Academy, being established in 2013. Manners In Momentum provides children and teens enrichment courses to prepare them for adulthood and assists adults on redefining and refining their own skills within social settings and within the workplace.