Cat Alletto

Team Development with Spark4team

Cat began her career in the outdoor industry in 1998 as a trip leader and trainer for Backroads Active Travel Company taking people on adventurous vacations in unique destinations. She shifted gears and brought her passion for adventure and experiential learning to the corporate space in 2006 as a lead facilitator and principle at CBST Adventures. Ever since, she’s honed her penchant for exploration, intuitive nature, studies in Interpersonal Communication, and love for problem-solving to create custom professional development programs and events that benefit teams of 10 – 1,000. With Spark4 she strives to connect with executives that want to build an energized culture of success across their organization. She works tirelessly behind the scenes as she leads her team to design, produce and execute events that achieve that goal. She seamlessly integrates leadership tools and models with active learning experiences that clear the path for results. Her knack for inspiring groups to push their boundaries and have fun means she’s our most frequently requested facilitator having led more than 350+ corporate teams over the past decade. After all these years, Cat is still humbled by the amount of personal growth she attains through this work.