Executive Return helped us understand Conversational and Emotional Intelligence as it applied to our group. Tracy helped us introspect and identify the triggers that affect the group’s emotional intelligence and provide techniques to handle them efficiently. After I noticed the team use the techniques during conversations and work through their ‘triggers’ which has helped improve communication. Having Executive Return work with the team was the best decision we made to help increase Emotional Intelligence awareness, and improve team dynamics.

— Rashmi Anki, Manager of Digital Marketing Implementation, Staples

We're thrilled to have been on the receiving side of Executive Return's Neuroleadership training... Through our sessions, it was obvious that Executive Return saw immediately what types of situational circumstances bring joy and frustration. Tracy was able to tap into the root of my happiness very quickly, which allowed me to make some significant decisions with my business and the path that I have in front of me. I have gained a sense of newfound peace and direction to my success. I would highly recommend you and this program to anyone that is willing to capture a better understanding of him/herself in order to manage roadblocks for success.

— Tamara Munson, President, UNITY Commercial Solutions

The information Tracy provided in just a short session at our company made two significant shifts in my mental perspective and state. First, I was able to better identify the mental blocks that I am facing on a daily basis – acknowledge them, and be able to move past them. Second, the ability to utilize new mechanisms in order to reframe and continue sustainable high performance in a fast-paced role and industry. I know these two concepts will serve me well in my career.

— Carli Luhrs, Director of HR, GTRI

Tracy has an amazing talent and ability to combine her corporate background with her inner self and reflection through her one on one consultations and corporate group training. The material she teaches in unique, science-based and customized to meet personal or group needs. I always come away with new insights after speaking with Tracy. She is very successful and driven and excels at whatever she puts her mind to.

— Kerri Salazar, HR Director, IMBA

Attending Tracy’s workshop was like discovering a gold mine. I am grateful for Tracy and her coaching. The workshop was an invaluable gift.

Using humor, joy, and empathy, Tracy shared empowering research and knowledge about the brain and the body. In addition, she led us through exercises, giving us the opportunity to experiment with priceless tools for daily living.

Before taking the workshop, I had forgotten that I had a habit of sabotaging myself or becoming distracted when I perceived a threat or trigger. I had forgotten that threats can trigger fear and restrictive thoughts or behaviors.

During the workshop, Tracy discussed a variety of ways to handle threats and triggers; leading us through exercises which allowed me to transform reactions of fear and negativity into trust and ease.

Prior to taking the workshop, I knew that anger and the inability to forgive could create a negative imprint on the mind and body.

Tracy expanded on this knowledge by introducing research that involved how negative triggers or even a lack of trust can hijack the amygdala and lead to higher levels of cortisol and adrenaline.

I walked away from the workshop with an increased ability regarding to recognize and handle triggers along with renewed inspiration to increase trust, ease and creative in my life.

— Barbara Foster, Certified Teacher, Maharishi Foundation

Executive Return has worked closely with our team to build a stronger relationship with our lead employees through NeuroLeadership coaching.

They've brought knowledge around how to communicate more clearly and effectively as a whole and facilitated more unity within jlounge.

Offering surveys and one on one coaching with our employees has helped us grow and give us invaluable tools to use in every area of our business.

Thank you, Tracy, for bringing your passion to our team and helping us thrive!

— Jennifer Zrubek, Proprietor, JLounge

I am a professional sales person with a Type A personality. I had a wake up call when I had to have a pacemaker implantation.

Before meeting Tracy the stresses of everyday life and the demands of my job had left me at the point of burnout. After working with her as a coach I now have an awareness of stress triggers and methods to deal with them that truly work.

Tracy is knowledgeable and professional. I recommend her and her coaching techniques to anyone.

— Anne Davis, Sales Executive, Transport Express and Brokerage

Working with Executive Return has been an extremely nurturing, educational and grounding experience for me.

Before coming into sessions I often feel depleted and scattered... throughout sessions with Executive Return, things shifted radically. The energy work allows a sense of clarity in my body and mind. Tracy offers a wellspring of information about health, nutrition and the creative process, and how to integrate them into one's life.

— Joey Walker, Psychotherapist

Before working with Executive Return, I used to feel disorganized and challenged, not having kept up with the daily health regimen. I used to often sink right back into the daily grind, stress and chaos.

After working with Executive Return, I now feel calm, reprogrammed, enthusiastic and empowered. I walk away with more knowledge every week to practice the stress management techniques and incorporate it into my daily life.

— Diana Gathright, Lead Business Systems Analyst, Scottrade, Inc.

I attended one of Executive Return's workshops, "Creating Trust Through Conversations" and was impressed with Tracy's professionalism, knowledge and insight on how to bring a deeper awareness of how to enhance our relationship with ourselves and others. This dynamic workshop provided exceptional tools to identify triggers that can cause stress and conflict. Tracy has a captivating approach that inspires others to make sustainable change. Her workshops are dynamic providing cutting edge concepts on neuroscience and brain reprogramming while sharing her inspiring personal story with allowing lots of group interaction and opportunities to personalize. The take-away tools were very helpful and have integrated them into my fife.

As a health professional and trainer in Lifestyle Medicine with over 30 years of coaching, teaching and consulting in health and wellness, I highly recommend Tracy as a personal or corporate coach to inspire and empower you or your team to reach ones full potential.

— Carra Richling, Health & Lifestyle Coach, Ornish Lifestyle Programs