Why Building Your Team is Your Path to Increased Profit

“Team building” is a concept that’s thrown around like a common buzzphrase strategy but it’s more much than that. The key to experiencing explosive growth in any organization is by building up its employees. 

A good manager can do wonders for an organization but the scope of what they can accomplish still only goes so far. That manager will need the right team to help them scale their efforts. They need systems that help your company run on autopilot.

That team has to be able to operate efficiently without the leader’s constant supervision. Their ability to self-manage and be productive without someone always watching them is how successful businesses are built. 

Investing time, training, and resources to build your team will do wonders for your organization’s growth. Look at any successful company and you’ll see an organization that invests heavily in building their team.

Companies such as General Electric, Uber, Facebook, and Salesforce make the building of their people a top priority as outlined in this Forbes article. They see the value and make every effort to give their employees opportunities to learn and grow.

Train Them

Every dollar you spend in team building will pay dividends—assuming you’re spending them on training that matches your organization’s mission statement, values, and goals. Give your employees the kind of training that helps them grow individually. 

When an employee is invested in becoming the best version of themselves, they’ll be better in every area of their life—this includes their work life. You won’t need to waste time monitoring them and creating rules that require resources to enforce. 

One out of every three employees says that uninspiring content is a barrier to learning. That means, there’s a need to develop training that entertains and informs. Not only is this type of training more enjoyable for the employee; it’s more effective, translating into less money spent on retraining. 

Lead by Example

Your leadership team should also be consistent in their learning and commitment to becoming better managers. They can’t give what they don’t have. Your leaders should be the first “volunteers” for any training initiatives you offer. 

Leadership is best when its top-down leadership principles. When your leadership team paves the way, your whole organization wins. In addition to training your team, train your leaders. 


At the end of the day, change happens when you sit back and listen. The “issues” your employees bring up shouldn’t be an annoyance. There’s value in going through your company’s Glassdoor profile and see how your employees truly feel. It’s invaluable feedback.

Listen, evaluate, and pivot. Maybe there are simple changes you can make that change the trajectory of your company’s growth. Your goal is to be open to any feedback that helps you understand your organization in a deeper way,

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you don’t need to do more to build up your team and give them the tools they need to grow. Invest in their growth and watch your bottom line continue to increase.

Employees have options these days and there is no dollar value you can put on a great employee. If you’re going to experience explosive growth, you’re going to need a team filled with great employees to get there.

Build up your team in every way.

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